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We believe that there is nothing more

precious and valuable than good memories.

Meet the Team

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Cole Nickell

Like most stories, it started in childhood. From filming crazy shenanigans with my brothers to capturing adventures with my college sweetheart (now wife), I have always had the filmmaker fever. After our daughter Claire was born ten years ago when we lived near Augusta, I turned this fun videography hobby into a dream job. For my career, I get to tell the story of the best day of your life... your wedding made into an entertaining motion picture!

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Mason Beckman

Ever since I was in the third grade I have felt a thrill when I look through a lens! When it comes to cinematography, I believe great shots are made. I take inspiration from my favorite films to make my work as cinematic as possible. My passion is to capture moments and shape them into a story that will last forever. My favorite part of the process is storytelling and we look forward to helping you tell yours!

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Kyle Valencia

I have been in the space of creating art through photos and videos for over 10 years now. I love to create beautiful stories while also capturing each couple's unique lifestyle. My wife, 3 boys, and I live in the Atlanta area and we enjoy skateboarding, the lake, and simply being outdoors. I also have a really good gif game.


Julia Nickell

I'm the one you'll talk to through email or over the phone. I handle all the bookings, client relations, and pre-editing. I enjoy getting to know each couple and finding out what they're excited about capturing on film on their wedding day! I also LOVE my part in the editing process because I get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into all the fun weddings our team gets to shoot. I'm always amazed by the all fun ideas and elaborate decor that our brides come up with!


Bekah Beckman

I've been behind a camera since I was a child, coordinating photoshoots for anyone who would let me. It's my true passion to capture beautiful moments and at weddings those moments are even more special. I love the documentary style of simply capturing those precious interactions going on around me to preserve those memories for a lifetime. 

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Tim Yoon

I've been messing around with photography since elementary school, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I really found my niche in videography. I now enjoy shooting and editing, but especially love the creativity involved in building the story while editing.

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Chaela Marbert

I may also be someone you talk to through email or over the phone to book your shoot, but I additionally enjoy being behind the camera. Being a part of a couple's special day from start to finish is so special to me. I like getting to know each couple and what is important to them to be captures on their wedding day, and sometimes I'm even the one there that gets to capture it making everything come to life the exact way they've envisioned.

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Abbie Gibson

There is nothing I love more than getting behind a camera. When Cole asked me to be a part of the Cinema Weddings team back in 2011, I was ecstatic. I love being able to not only witness, but also capture and create such beautiful and once in a lifetime memories. I love working with couples and giving them the ability to relive their dreams every day.

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James Marshall 

As Cole's brother-in-law we’ve been filming together for a decade now. I’ve been part of Cinema Weddings from its beginning: through name changes and equipment upgrades, I’ve watched the business grow. I live in Raleigh, NC with my wife and our daughter. The best part of videography is walking away from an event and thinking back on all the sweet shots I captured and how they’ll fit together to make a Cinema Weddings video.

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